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WORK IN PROGRESS | "Cutting Loose" (mixed media)

This piece is part painting, part sculpture, part installation. What you are looking is one of the studies I did in preparation for the final piece. The painting part will be done in oils on Japanese washi paper which is made of mulberry, the sole diet of the silkworm. The larvae and silkmoth will be sculpted. The tail will be made of braided horse hair (unless someone wants to give me 3 feet of human hair). The kite line will consist of many strands of monofilament braided (in a traditional style of braiding called kumihimo) around silk thread splitting into three "floating" silk cocoons.

This is the framework of the painting that was custom built by my sister-in-law's husband, Craig Paxton. The shape is specific to the hata style, which is a traditional Japanese fighter kite.

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