I wrote, produced, directed, illustrated, animated, and edited this product demo for a start-up company called Gablit. Voiceover by Jelani Remy (who plays "Simba" in touring company of Broadway show The Lion King.) Music, recording, sounds effects, and audio post-processing by Scott Naylor.

Music video for "Cruel" by Tori Amos. I wrote, directed, executive produced, co-produced and designed the costumes. Completed in 6 months in 2001 on a $1,000 budget (self-financed). Obtained not-for-profit student film rights from publisher.


1) To create a visually stunning music video with high production values on a limited budget

2) To get experience directing

3) To collaborate with talented artists in other disciplines (collaborators included: cinematographer, editor, choreographer, costume maker, set and lighting designer, dancers, and actors).